7 Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Closing

7 Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Closing

A malfunctioning garage door can lead to numerous issues: it may inadvertently hit someone, allow pets to escape, or give intruders access to your home. This is especially concerning when you consider that garage doors are one of the heaviest moving objects in a household. Not surprisingly, garage doors are responsible for tens of thousands of injuries annually in Canada alone. These injuries can range from minor bruises and cuts to more severe incidents like broken bones or head trauma. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are crucial to ensure the safety and security of your household.

List of the 7 reasons your garage door isn’t closing:

 1- The Door Is Blocked

Make sure there’s nothing that could be somehow preventing the door from closing totally. If there’s an object near the garage door (like a rock or trash bag), it can stop the door from shutting all of the way down. Examine the garage door tracks, as well as the door itself, for problems. Dirt, grime, or a small objects may be preventing your door from closing. Remove the obstruction, and then try to close the door again.

 2- Faulty Safety Sensors

One of the most common reasons that your garage door isn’t closing is that one or sometimes both of your safety sensors aren’t working. The Safety Sensors are typically located 6 inches or less off the ground on each side of the door tracks. The sensors on your garage door are vital to the safety of you, your family, and your belongings. It’s essential to make sure that they both have power. If the sensors on the door are not receiving or emitting any power, or aren’t emitting a signal, your garage door won’t shut.

 3- Misalignment of Safety Sensors

If this is the case, then the photo-eyes are sending a signal to the door opener that the door is blocked because of the misalignment. When one sensor gets struck or perhaps moved out of place, it will cause the garage door not to close or open. If you notice that your garage door isn’t closing completely, check if one of the sensors has been damaged or if it has been moved out of place. For alignment purposes, most sensors come with an indicator light that turns on and remains solid when the sensors are aligned and functioning properly.

 4- Broken Torsion Spring

Your garage door relies heavily on springs. The springs help to open and close the door easily. If you have any broken or damaged springs, then the door is not going to open or close properly. WARNING: Torsion Spring Is Dangerous. Do NOT attempt to fix it yourself. Please call experts at Pro Entry Garage Doors. Spring damage is usually obvious, but we don’t recommend trying to repair springs yourself – even if it appears to be a very easy fix. Springs are very dangerous.

 5- Damaged or Broken Cables

One of the most common causes for a garage door to stop functioning properly is because the cable has broken. This is a quick and easy repair that can usually be done in less than an hour, but it’s essential to have the correct tools on hand before starting.

Why garage door cable break?

Cables can break for a number of reasons. Weather conditions and water are a big factors, cables will rust, become fragile and stretch. This is one of the most common causes for broken garage door cable. If your garage experiences severe weather conditions like snow or high humidity levels, it’s important to inspect and clean your cables more frequently.

 6- Door Travel Limits

One reason why your garage door may not close is that the distance setting may be too far or too short. The distance between the garage door and the garage floor can be adjusted during installation. In either case, it’s often possible to fix this problem with a minor adjustment. When the setting is too high, it will cause the door to stop short of actually closing. On the other hand, if the setting is too low, the garage door will believe it’s hitting an object as it touches the ground. Different models of garage door openers have different ways of achieving this, so a professional at Pro Entry Services is the best person to go to!

 7- The Tracks Are Damaged

If you notice your garage door is unable to close, check the tracks. If they are damaged (this could mean bent, warped out of their original shape, or something else) then that will prevent the garage door from closing. Blocked tracks can cause your door to stop working, and removing the blockage should fix this problem. If the tracks themselves are damaged, you will need a professional track replacement. Call a Professional at Pro Entry Services for a customer service experience you won’t regret.

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