5 Simple Steps to Properly Maintain Your Garage Door

5 Simple Steps to Properly Maintain Your Garage Door

Maintain Your Garage Door is something that most people don’t think about until the day they need to replace it. But it’s important to consider the fact that a garage door is an investment and needs proper maintenance to increase its lifespan.

Sometimes, the most expensive fix is for something that could have been prevented. And if your garage door has begun to show signs of wear and tear or it’s simply not working as efficiently as you’d like, there are some simple steps you can take to maintain your garage door so that repairs don’t become necessary down the road.

1- Lubricate the hinges, rollers and tracks

The goal is to lubricate the swivel junction of the hinges to keep it working properly, as well as the spots where the rollers are inserted into the hinges. To lubricate the hinges, rollers and tracks, spray a light coating of garage door lube on all hinge points. Let the lubricant soak in for a few minutes. Wipe off any excess with an oily rag or paper towel.

How often should I lubricate garage door hinges?

Garage door hinges should be lubricated every few months to keep them operating smoothly . Since hinges are most likely to stick or squeak during the cold winter months, you should try lubricating them at this time of year.

2- Lubricate the springs

lubricating your garage door springs will let them to work safely and smoothly.

Without lubrication, the tension on a spring can cause it to weaken or break. A broken spring can be very dangerous because of its force and weight.

Your garage door springs may need oiling every six months or so, depending on the weather conditions in your area.

In addition, if you have been opening and closing your garage door frequently lately, this too will cause wear on the springs and require more frequent lubrication.

3- Maintaining garage door weatherstrip.

The weatherstrip on garage doors wears out and needs to be replaced about every three years. The first step is remove the old weatherstrip, using a screwdriver to pry it off if necessary. Wipe down the door with a dry cloth or sponge before installing new weatherstripping; any grease or dirt that remains will compromise your new seal.

How to clean the weatherstipping

To begin, wash the weatherstripping with mild soap and let it dry naturally to preserve its look and flexibility. Then, apply a silicone-based weatherstripping lubricant . Never use a petroleum-based lubricant as it will damage the rubber.

4- Cleaning the surface of your garage door.

There are several ways to clean your garage door, but it’s important that you do so before the dirt and grime become deeply ingrained. If not cleaned regularly, these can cause rust or other damage to surfaces of different materials used for your garage door.

Wipe the garage door with lukewarm water and mild soap using a sponge or soft cloth. Avoid using strong cleaning chemicals that might harm the paint.

5- Garage door coating

If you’re applying a coat of garage door wax to your door, it will keep it cleaner for longer and protect the varnish repairs if necessary. A layer of wax also gives your door a lovely glossy sheen while also protecting the paint from UV rays, which cause it to tarnish. Spray wax 10 to 15 cm away from your garage and use a soft cloth to spread the wax and shine your door.

If your garage door is over 6 years old, it’s a good idea to have a professional garage door company in Toronto to inspect all moving parts for wear and tear.

How often should I lubricate garage door hinges?

To ensure the smooth operation of your garage door, it’s recommended to lubricate the hinges every few months. Paying attention to these maintenance intervals helps prevent issues such as sticking or squeaking, which can commonly occur, especially during colder weather conditions. Given that hinges are prone to experiencing more friction and stiffness in the winter months, focusing on lubrication during this period can be particularly beneficial. By applying lubricant to the hinges at regular intervals, you not only facilitate quieter and smoother door movement but also contribute to prolonging the lifespan of your garage door system.

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