Garage Door Price in Milton

How much is a garage door in Milton?

Garage door price in Milton vary based on few factors such as styles, insulation types and decorative windows. Whether you need a garage door in Milton for a new home or to replace your old one, having the right residential overhead garage door can make sure that you can easily get into your property and enjoy the best in value.

With our assistance, we can help you get the best garage door prices in Milton. At Pro Entry Garage Doors we carry a wide range of overhead garage doors that range in type, insulation and sizes. Whether you would like a door that matches a more contemporary style or you’re looking to get a garage door that matches with your modern home design, we have the right products to suit your needs and the finest in garage door installations for your home.

One of the most common questions that we get regarding new garage door and the installation is the cost. The cost of a new single garage door is not always the easiest number to come to. Most of the time, we have to determine the items that you would like to include, as well as the types and the styles that work best for your location. The overall cost of a new single garage door is often determined by the type of insulation, the color as well as the design. If there’s extra work that’s required to complete your installation or choosing a unique design can often drive up the cost.

Garage Door Prices In Milton ranges between $1400 & $6000 including tracks and installation. Keeping in mind, door openers and remotes are not included and sold separately.

Garage Door Styles:

Traditional single garage door ranges from $1400 up to $1900 including tracks and installation making it one of the most affordable and most common door styles you see in every street.

For homes featuring traditional brick and siding, we would recommend a traditional style garage door. These are the types of doors designed after some of the original wooden doors. With a wealth of designs that can upgrade your property or replace your previous door, the traditional style can offer a timeless design touch.

The modern contemporary garage door prices range from $2200 up to $3000 including tracks and installation.

Modern contemporary doors are best suited to properties with a more modern theme. If you have a new house, townhouse or a building that has a trendy design, we recommend a modern door. These design options often allow for unique window configurations and darker colors

Carriage style garage door prices range from $1800 up to $2400 including tracks and installation. These are often the types of doors that resemble more heritage doors. With unique handle designs and traditional windows, the carriage style doors are designed to look like a barn or a farm. These can be a versatile option for traditional or modern homes.

  • Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum garage door prices range from $2500 up to $6000. They are considered the most expensive residential doors because they offer the best lifespan out of any of the door materials. It can reduce wear on openers and it allows for a versatile inclusion of unique window designs and other features. Aluminum single garage door is a larger upfront investment but it is a door style that can provide you with greater service and more interesting designs!

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