Panoramic Style - Garex

panoramic style ligh commercial garage door

The best lighting will always be the natural light. The contemporary garage door GX-175-FVfrom GAREX optimizes the outdoor brightness for a clear and pleasant interior space. This door offers a maximum window size in various finishes and can be arranged to harmonize with the modern look of any building.


Aluminum - Garex

Pro Entry: Garex GX-175-A commercial garage door

The many possibilities of combinations, tailored made and the quality of the materials and of the assembly are among the benefits of choosing the GAREX GX-175-A aluminium commercial garage door.


Steel 20 ga - Garex

The GX-175-20 door is made of heavy 20 gauge white steel with reinforced 3″ hardware. We can find the GX-175-20 steel door in commercial, industrial as well as agricultural environments.
Available in Smooth, Woodgrain, Smooth Grooved, and Woodgrain Grooved finish, the many possibilities of combinations tailored made 


Steel - Garex

Garex can manufacture the GX-175-S steel garage doors up to 9,14 m (30 ft) wide and up to 10,67 m (32 ft) high.All of our doors can be assembled with panels of 45, 53 and 60 cm (18, 21 or 24 inches).

Aluminum SA6000


The Aluminum SA6000 commercial garage door features leading edge design elements combined with extremely lightweight construction. Steel-Craft utilizes full view sections featuring Thermoclear with no visible vertical stiles to deliver a clean look with maximum visibility and high light transmission.

Aluminum SA7000


With the SA7000 commercial garage door, Steel-Craft sets the bar for product quality and performance while adding a unique look to any space. The SA7000 is constructed from the toughest corrosion resistant aluminum and is designed for years of reliable operation.